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         All those persons amateurs or professionals who are the authors of the submitted photographs and own the copyright of the pictures. The copyright stays with the photographer during the entire process of the competition.
         You don't have to be a member or user of Naturforo. Anyone can participate.


         The main topic in this contest is anything in relation with nature or wildlife. The Categories for entries are:

- Landscapes.
- Animals MacroPhotography .
- Plants MacroPhotography.
- Wildlife.
- Vegetation.
- Night Photography.
- Underwater Photography.
- Caves (Photography of caves).
- Creative (Predominance of the composition, color, texture, depth of field, etc).
- Surrealism (Must be done with the move of the camera).

Photographs and prize


         You can submit only one photography for each category. Only photographs taken in 2011 or 2012

         All the photographs must be and represent natural environments, whether intact -without any sign of human presence- or partially or totally modified.


         Don't include watermark in your photos.


         Photographs without name, category or missing any requirements from these rules might be disqualified.

         We will have a first and finalist positions in each category. If any photo is special for any reason, it will have a special mention.

         One category could be empty, without winner, if the quality of the photos submitted doesn't match the quality of the other categories.
          The prize will be: A promotion of the winners in Naturforo with an interview and advertise of their websites. Lanscapes category has a special award. Lucroit will be giving away a portafilters and gradiente filter.


         Contest is open and free.


         You can send your photographs to this email: naturforo@gmail.com and write in the "subject" line the next sentence: I Edicion Premio Naturforo 2012. In this email you will attach your photographs, one for each category.


        By entering the Contest, entrant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted photograph is an original work created solely by the entrant, that the photograph does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the photograph.



       Photographs must be in digital format.

       All digital files must be in JPEG or JPG format "high-resolution quality data", (e.g. saved in Adobe Photoshop with quality level 12). and must be at least 1.400 pixels wide.

        In the IPTC fields (EXIF) of the JPEG photo you have to write the name of the author and email address. In the field 'Description' you will write how did you take your photo and anything you want to tell us about it.
       We attach importance to natural, non-manipulated pictures; therefore subsequent modification of the picture or its information is not permitted. We exclusively admit the standard picture-editing processes on the picture as a whole (e.g. tonal value, contrast, brightening, a minimum focus and change in WB, and removing vignetting and noise), inasmuch as the motif remains unaltered. Cropping is not allowed. Compositing and multiple exposures are not allowed. Sandwich shots, HDR and stitched panoramas are not eligible. Adding or removing animals, parts of animals, plants, distractions, people etc into/from the image is not allowed.

        We recommend cleaning specks on sensor and correct chromatic aberrations.


        The black and white photographs submitted, not differ greatly from the original. The treatment of black and white will be done by the white balance and changing colors.


        If a digitally transmitted photo is selected, Naturforo will ask for the corresponding original high-resolution image RAW file. Do not submit this file will be disqualified from the author.
Name of the file

        The name of the file will be the title of the photography followed by (-) and the name of the category where it is submitted. Example: TITLE - wildlife.

Moral code


         Those pictures of living things that are suspected to have been damaged or altered their behavior by the activity of the photographer will be automatically disqualified.


         It will require the observance of the ethical code of the Spanish Association of Nature Photographers (AEFONA), in order to ensure a respectful relationship to nature photographers with the environment. This code can be found at the following address: http://www.aefona.org
Photographs unpublished

         Images which have already received prizes at other competitions cannot be submitted to this competition.



        You can start submitting photos on October, 01 2012.


        The final day for any submission will be November, 30 2012.


        Any photo submitted after this deadline will be disqualified.

Recycling files

         When the contest has finalized the final selection, Naturforo will ask for the corresponding original high-resolution image RAW file.


         After the contest, Naturforo will be deleting any photo without prize or mention and all the RAW files.

Selected Photographs

         With the participation in the competition the contestant will allow to Naturforo the right to use these photographs in Naturforo as promotion of the actual contest and future invitations to another webs. Will be used in audiovisuals about Naturforo too. Any RAW file will be deleted and the final JPEG with resolution 1400 pixels will be used for any internet promotion, etc.

Acceptance of rules

         Participation in this photo contest implies knowledge and acceptance of the rules of the contest. Any breach of them may be subject to disqualification.


      This is only a translation of the original Spanish text. The rules are valid from the Spanish text.

© Copyright Naturforo 2012
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